Trouble in Paradise

How I ended up losing my first blog is a funny story. Let me be real. I’m just trying to lighten up how disappointed I was.  See, I’ve been wanting to just dive in and start writing about dreams and dreaming. This week I had the perfect dream — I believe it actually was encouraging me to see how easy it all was.

I’m traveling with my partner somewhere.  A church event, perhaps.  We’re almost there when I get the sense that something’s wrong with my tire.  My left front tire is flat.  We’re very near a service station.  I pull in, scan the interior, explain my situation.  It appears that they can put on a new tire and have it ready for me.  I’m imagining that we leave the car, walk up the street to the event, and come back, pay, and we’re on our way. But these people are complicating things. It’s taking too long to set up. Some guy wants me to rent a loaner. Their hours are 9 – 10.  I presume that means 9 am to 10 pm.  It couldn’t be more perfect.  But then I begin to wonder if they meant something else. I think we’re missing the event we came here for.

Since  tire dreams have previously been about the strength of my ego, I wondered if this had to do with the self-confidence followed by self doubt I had felt this week.  I shared the dream with my partner.  First thing out of her mouth delivered a huge AHA.  She said, “If it were my dream, the car is my brain.  The left front part of my brain is showing up as flat.”  This makes sense, I thought.

I lean more toward right-brain, creative ventures, but I downplay my intellectual and practical gifts.  A friend encouraged me to get a website and added that blogging was a great way to get one’s feet wet.  I haven’t been able to follow through on getting a blog off the ground, but has made it a pretty easy task.  A couple nights ago I had a different version of this blog set in print.  I even hit the “Publish” button and saw it a couple of times.  Unfortunately, I had the bright idea to add art to it.  In seconds, I had replaced my first blog with published “art” that was not able to be viewed.

Of course, I was incredulous and spent at least a half hour thinking it had to be here somewhere.  Well, it wasn’t.  This incomplete reflection has taken its place.  But I congratulate my self for not missing the event I came here for.  Welcome to “Soul Dreams!”

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